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  • Remove worn soles, heel bases and top lifts

  • Replace Lifts and taps

  • Replace Soles with quality leather (half & full sole replacements)

  • Orthopedic Build-Ups

  • Install new leather heel bases and premium top-lifts.

  • Apply leather conditioners to restore the oils that make it soft and supple

  • Clean and Repair Uggs

  • Replace or repair zippers

  • Shorten/add holes to belts

  • Repair luggage

  • Re-lace baseball gloves

  • Repair handbags and backpacks

  • Repair and clean leather jackets

  • Stretch shoes and boots

  • Replace buckles, rivets, snaps and tassels

  • Apply protective soles to extend sole life and increase slip resistance.

  • Shoe dying

  • Replace plastic heels with slip-resistant rubber.

  • Weatherproof shoes/boots for added protection 

  • Lower heels for for comfort

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